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November 2015

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Christmas Gift Spoiler Alert (for my family): I’ve been making these sweet bird feeders for Christmas and I got SO into it, I’ve inadvertently created my own cottage industry… all over the kitchen table… my desk… our console table… the garage…  I’ve posted a few in my *NEW* ETSY store (my store name is – you guessed it: Mishinctrl).  And I thought a good ol’ blog post would help to advertise.

Do you have a bird enthusiast or gardener in your life that would appreciate a beautiful and quirky addition to their yard?

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Emergency Prep – Another Bite

One Sunday in September, Chad and I streamed the season opener to Oregon Field Guide:  Unprepared: An Oregon Field Guide Special.  The topic was emergency preparedness, or the lack thereof, in Oregon – so we thought we should pay attention.

It was an eye opening episode and I picked up these points while I watched (I recommend watching, these were just the points that resonated with me):

  • A major earthquake of the Pacific Northwest (and broader area) is geologically 100 years overdue.
  • Almost all Oregon bridges are at risk in a major earthquake.
  • Repairs to local water and electrical could take from a few weeks up to a year.
  • Restoration of emergency services (police and fire) could take from a few weeks up to a year.

Those four zingers of information were catalyzing for us Continue reading “Emergency Prep – Another Bite”

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