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August 2015

Words to Live By

A month ago, I got a chalkboard cling in a cool shape that (to me) looks awesome on my pantry door.  My idea was to find a new inspiring quote that I could think about every week.  I actually thought I would incorporate the quote, and move onto the next cool thought, but this is the first quote I’ve put up, it’s been up for a few weeks, every time I read it, it reminds me to think before I grouse.  And until I can do that without needing the reminder, I’ll leave the quote where it is.  I think it’s here to stay for a while.

My Love Affair with the Oregon Coast

As a disclaimer – this is not a paid blog.  The opinions expressed are my own, and are not informed by any sort of compensation by any company mentioned.  If I like it, I talk it up. And if it’s horrible, I try to warn you.  So on with the show!

I’m having a love affair with the place that we live: Portland, Oregon. My family moved here from Las Vegas when I was seven, so I feel like it’s my hometown. If you aren’t familiar with the geography in the Northwest, we Continue reading “My Love Affair with the Oregon Coast”

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