Hate to Wrap Gifts?  All Thumbs? Already Out of Time?

Misha’s Just Perfect! Gift Wrap Service to the Rescue!

  • Affordable Gift Wrap Style Options
  • While-You-Wait Service or 48 Hour Turn Around with Delivery
  • Drop Off Spots Available from Black Friday to December 22
  • Beautiful Results with No Hassle!

When you turn your gifts over to a gift-wrapping expert, you get to enjoy extra free time this holiday season and share in the delight of  a nicely wrapped present brings your loved ones.

My name is Misha, I live in the Garden Home Neighborhood, I LOVE to wrap gifts, and I’m good at it.  If you could use my services this year, call me, or schedule online.  You can wait while I wrap, or drop off the gifts and I’ll return them (wrapped) in 48 hours.

Pricing Information

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or Call to Reserve:  503-807-9737